International mobility

The doctoral school has numerous partnerships with international laboratories, allowing its PhD students to work abroad during their studies. This also exposes the PhD students to new research methods and techniques.


Short-duration mobilities during the thesis

PhD students are registered at the French institution that will deliver their doctoral degree and during their 36 months of doctoral work they carry out one or more stays abroad.  
e carries out yearly surveys to monitor the career paths of PhD holders 1 and 3 years following their thesis defence.

Offers - thesis schools

As part of the "MaterialWell" network, around materials science (website is, the European university EUniwell offers three summer schools, (one virtual by Semmelweiss in Budapest, one in Birmingham, and one by the partners in Cologne).

The themes are:

Birmingham: Responsible Research and Innovation Summer School
Semmelweiss (virtual): theoretical and technology-related practical foundations of quantum molecular calculations
Cologne: Sustainable Future Strategies in Advanced Functional Ceramics for Human Wellbeing


Program: /sites/default/files/u49/materialwell.summerschools.2022.sm_.pdf

International mobility assistance

The board of the Graduate School voted launching a tender support for international mobility, including summer schools, courses offered in immersion by foreign laboratories, scientific collaborations, and one doctoral solicitation over the duration of his thesis is authorized. Participation in conferences, seminars and other symposia is excluded. Funding will be provided on a proposal from the office of the ED and sites commission and approved by the Council on a set of criteria: appropriateness of the request with the thesis project, contribution of mobility project  to the laboratory and the organization. After opinion of the supervisor, the application must be submitted by the student to the secretariat of the laboratory.

International mobility file

A return mobility report is requested from the doctoral student and must be returned 15 days after the end of his mission to the following email address:

Mobility report