Individual Monitoring Committee

Individual Monitoring committee

Each doctoral student will be accompanied by an Individual Thesis Monitoring Committee (CSI), composed of at least two people not involved in the thesis, outside the thesis supervisor's team and at least one of whom is external to the registration institution. The CSI will be appointed at the time of registration by the director of the doctoral school on the proposal of the unit management in consultation with the thesis supervisors.

The CSI will ensure consistency of the work with the professional project (evolution of the work, choice of training, post-thesis project). If one of the members of the committee resigns, he or she will be replaced following the same process.

The CSI ensures the effective conduct of the PhD student's course. It also prevents any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment. The doctoral student or his / her thesis director (s) can gather the CSI at any time during the course of the thesis.

The CSI meets at least once a year with the doctoral student, according to the following procedure:

  • For doctoral students in 1st year of thesis (first registration after Sept 1st of the current university year):
  1. Before April 15th: the doctoral student must have written and sent his report to the two members of his CSI.
  2. Before May15th : each member of the CSI fills in the report and returns the complete version to the ED, the student and the advisors.
  • For doctoral students in 2nd year (registration between September 1st  and September 1st of the preceding year):
  1. Before April 30th: the doctoral student must have written and sent his report to the two members of his/her CSI. The frame of the report is substantially the same as that of the first year, but the report does not need to be very detailed except for the amount of doctoral training completed. A detailed list of the training followed by the student must be given.
  2. Between April 30th and May 31st : the PhD student and his / her supervisors plan an interview with the CSI members (possible videoconference). The purpose of this interview is to report on the progress and progress of the thesis, the results obtained, the training courses, etc. Thesis supervisors are invited to take part in this interview, but it is mandatory that the doctoral candidate speaks with his / her CSI alone during a part of the interview. The supervisors can also talk with the commitee alone.
  3. Before June 1st : each member of the CSI completes the complete report and returns them to the ED.
  • For doctoral students in 3rd year (registration between September 1st  and September 1st two years before):
  1. If the defense is planned before reregistration limit the doctoral student is exempted from sending the report to the CSI members. According to the instructions by the minister of education and research, a CSI report is compulsory for re-enrollment in a 4th PhD year
  2. If the defense is not scheduled or if the date is not fixed: the doctoral candidate must send a report to his CSI members before May 15th, for a return before June 15th.
  3. In case of delay on the filing of the file of application for authorization of defense (i.e. no document received on June 21st ), the ED reserves the right to request a CSI report before re-enrollment at the beginning of the academic year.

The CSI documents are listed below.




Documents CSI:

1st year: Français - Anglais

2nd year: Français - Anglais

3rd year: Français - Anglais